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3 Weeks


About the Course

Here is a detailed syllabus for Google Ads:

  1. Introduction to Google Ads

  • Understanding the importance of Google Ads as a marketing platform

  • Exploring the benefits of Google Ads

  • Understanding the different types of Google Ads

  1. Setting up a Google Ads Account

  • Creating a Google Ads account

  • Understanding the account structure

  • Linking Google Ads to Google Analytics

  1. Keyword Research

  • Understanding the importance of keyword research

  • Conducting keyword research

  • Developing a keyword strategy

  1. Creating Effective Ads

  • Understanding the different types of ads

  • Writing effective ad copy

  • Creating high-quality ad images

  1. Ad Groups and Campaigns

  • Understanding ad groups and campaigns

  • Organizing ad groups and campaigns

  • Setting up targeting options

  1. Bidding and Budgeting

  • Understanding bidding options

  • Setting bids and budgets

  • Optimizing bids and budgets for better performance

  1. Tracking and Analytics

  • Setting up conversion tracking

  • Analyzing data to improve performance

  • Creating reports for clients or management

  1. Google Ads Best Practices

  • Following Google Ads best practices for optimal performance

  • Understanding and complying with Google Ads policies

  1. Advanced Google Ads Strategies

  • Understanding retargeting and remarketing

  • Implementing video ads

  • Creating effective shopping campaigns

  1. Google Ads Case Studies

  • Analyzing successful Google Ads case studies

  • Understanding the tactics used in successful campaigns

  • Implementing the learnings into your own Google Ads strategy

This syllabus covers the basics of Google Ads, including setting up a Google Ads account, conducting keyword research, creating effective ads, setting up ad groups and campaigns, bidding and budgeting, tracking and analytics, and following best practices. The advanced topics included will provide learners with an understanding of retargeting and remarketing, video ads, and shopping campaigns. The case studies included will provide real-world examples of successful Google Ads campaigns.

Your Instructor

Dhanashree Bhambishte

Dhanashree Bhambishte

She has completed her Bachelorette in Computer Applications and having multiple certification of Microsoft, Red Hat, Google, HubSpot, SEMrush and Facebook As well. Also getting trainings with IIM for serving more clarified and micro level Digital Marketing Trainings.

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